The Greenwich Government

Greenwich, Connecticut is governed by a Board of Selectman and a Representative Town Meeting form of government which different than other communities that function with a centralized mayoral system of government.

Board of Selectman

The Greenwich board of selectman consists of three elected individuals which are elected in a town-wide election every two years. As first selectman, the community chief executive, the first selectman has the primary leadership role in town government while the second and third selectman assist the first selectman in with matters under the first selectman's jurisdiction. In addition to being NO.1 public advocate number one, the first selectman is the administrator of the town departments such as: Consumer Affairs, Fire, Fleet, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parking, Law, Parks and Recreation Police, Public Works and Purchasing and Administration. The first selectman is also responsible for labor negotiations other than teacher's salaries, and is an ex-officio member of all boards and commissions.

The first selectman appoints the Conservation Commission, the Sealer of Weights and Measures (Consumer Affairs coordinator), the director of Community Development, and one member of the Flood and Erosion Control Board. In addition the board of selectman collectively appoint members of the Housing Authority and jury committee.

They also nominate individuals to serve on the following boards and commissions which are appointed by the Representative Town Meeting members (RTM).


  • Alarm Appeals Board
  • Board of Social Services
  • Architectural Review Committee
  • Building Code Board of Standards and Appeals
  • Board of Ethics
  • Board of Health
  • Commission on Aging
  • Board of Parks and Recreation
  • Historic District Commission
  • Inland Wetlands and Watercourses
  • Nathaniel Witherell Board
  • Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Shellfish Commission

Selectman's Office
101 Field Point Road, First Floor
Greenwich, CT 06830

Representative Town Meeting (RTM)

The representative town meeting or town meeting concept was first used in Greenwich on February 5, 1664 for the specific purpose to request that Greenwich be established as a town separate from that of Stamford, which occurred on May 11, 1665. In 1933, the town meeting format evolved into the representative town meeting where groups of individuals would represent the voice of the people.

Today there are 229 elected volunteer members of Greenwich's RTM, broken down into 12 districts proportionate to the number of registered ?voters within each district. Each of these districts elects one member as a delegate and one as an alternate to one of the standing committees: Appointments, Budget Overview, Education, Finance, Health and Human Services, Land Use, Legislative and Rules, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Town Services and Transportation. The RTM also appoints two special committees, one to help negotiate labor contracts and one to help negotiate claims against the town.

The powers afforded to the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) include:


  • To approve all expenditures by the town over $5000.
  • To approve, reduce or expel appropriations.
  • To approve or reject nominations to town bodies as made by the selectmen.
  • To decide whether the town shall accept federal or state funds for town projects.
  • To create special committees to deal with: labor contracts, claims, and possible redistricting.
  • To pass resolutions urging that the town government: initiate new legislation, take different action on controversial topics, take recommendations on municipal improvements.
  • To propose and pass ordinances.


The Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET)

The board of estimate & taxation (BET) is a 12-member group of volunteers elected for two years to manage the town's financial affairs including the issuance of the annual town budget and setting the town tax mill rate.

Boards and Commissions

In addition to the selectman's offices, the RTM and the BET having governing power are a number of independent volunteer boards and commissions which also have influence over how the town is runs. These boards and commissions include: Alarm Appeals, Architectural Review, Board of Ethics, Board of Health, Building Code Board of Standards & Appeals, Commission on Aging, Condemnation Board, Conservation, Flood & Erosion Control, Historic District, Housing Authority, Inland Wetlands & Water Courses Agency, Nathaniel Witherell, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Planning & Zoning Appeals and Social Services.

Contact the Greenwich Town Hall, as below:

Town of Greenwich
101 Field Point Road-Town Hall
Greenwich, CT 06830

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