Greenwich CT Utilities

Public utility choices for Greenwich residents vary somewhat depending on the utility. With some utilities like propane gas, oil, long-distance telephone, and ISPs, consumers have a number of choices where they can get service. Other companies like water, local telephone and cable offer no depth in choice options. With de-regulation subscribers have the ability to shop for electricity even though many stay with what they are used to. Despite partial de-regulation of gas in 1996, Connecticut Natural Gas is the only company that can deliver public gas to property owners.

The following is a listing of the various utilities that service Greenwich residents and a partial listing of some respective company names. With all services except the aforementioned water, local phone service and cable television consumers have more than one option.

With making this list available, I make no specific or implied endorsement of these services and recommend that all consumers make their own choice and decisions.

Cable: Cablevision of Connecticut: 203.847.6666
Cablevision of Connecticut is the only cable company that services the Greenwich, Connecticut area.
Similar to cable, Verizon offers their fiber optic solution, Fios.

Electric: Northeast Utilities: 1.800.286.2000
Northeast utilities, a.k.a-CL&P (Connecticut Light & Power)
With de-regulation there are additional choices that are updated regularly. 

Oil: Multiple Suppliers
A few representative options:

New England Oil: 203.869.5869
Petro: 800.OIL.HEAT
Herbert Fuel: 203.203.869.3830
Westmore Fuel: 203.531.5656

Public Gas: Connecticut Natural Gas: 1.888.726.7728

Connecticut Natural Gas, a.k.a.-CNG, services the entire Greenwich area with its public gas utility where gas line hook-ups are available. Homes in northern mid-country Greenwich and back-country Greenwich do not have gas available in their streets thus residents desiring gas for cooking fireplaces or swimming pools much use one of several propane service companies.

Propane Gas: Multiple Suppliers
Propane gas is used most of the time in Greenwich for grilling. Homes which are located in the northern sections of Greenwich, ie: back-country typically use propane to heat swimming pool, run gas fireplaces and gas stoves or varying sizes and styles.
A few representative propane retailers are:
Greenwich Propane: 203.869.1881
Hocon Gas: 800.801.3835
Modern Gas Propane: 203.869.4226
Paraco Gas: 203.629.5627

Satellite: Two Suppliers
Satellite television is typically uses in Greenwich where cable may not be easily available. In some areas where cable is available satellite is used due to consumer preference.

The two options:
Direct T.V: 888.777.2454

Circuit City/Best Buy in Norwalk, CT
Dish Network: Radio Shack-Greenwich: 203.661.2212-or-203.637.5608


Telephone-Local: Two Suppliers
Greenwich is broken town into two telephone market territories. One territory, Verizon, covers all sections of Greenwich Proper east to Cos Cob. The other, SBC cover the areas of Riverside and Old Greenwich.
The two options:
Verizon: 203.869.5222; Business Service: 203.625.9800
SBC Connecticut: 800.448.1008

Telephone-Long Distance: Multiple Suppliers
A few representative options:
AT & T: 800. 222.0300; Business Service: 800.222.0400
MCI Telecommunications: 800.950.5555

Water: Aquarian Water Company: 800.732.9678
Aquarian Water Company is the only water service company for The Greenwich area. They service about 70% of all residences in Greenwich and 100% of all businesses. The remaining 30% of Greenwich residences get their water from their own private wells.

ISP: Multiple Suppliers
A few representative options: